We Love, Christ Liberates
Holy Spirit Leads together, we Launch!

Wednesday, September 22, 2021

Douglas Memorial Community Church
1325 Madison Avenue
Baltimore, Maryland 21217
Corner of Madison & Lafayette Avenues

410.523.1700 (P)
410.523.1765 (F)

Meet The Leadership

Lay Leadership

Board of Trustees
Mr. Robert Beasley
Chair, Board of Trustees

Steward Board
Mr. Carl S. Jackson
Chair, Board of Stewards


Ministerial Staff

Rev. Rhonda S. Boozer-Yeary
Assoc. Minister

Email: rboozer@douglaschurch.net

Rev. Vernard L. Caples
Assoc. Minister

Email: http://vlcaples@douglaschurch.net

Rev. Catherine S. Luckett
Assoc. Minister

Email: http://cluckett@douglaschurch.net

Rev. Vivian E. Ferebee
EVP/Chief Operations Officer

Email: vferebee@douglaschurch.net

Rev. Lottie L. Sneed
Assoc. Minister                                                                                                                                                                                                   Email: 

Director of Youth Programs